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Cost is $120 per one hour session. Might be completely or partially reimbursable to you if you have a PPO Plan. Referring physicians, please fax 844-306-5999.


When you get the news that your blood sugar is high, it can be scary.  Maybe you’ve heard what can wrong when someone has high blood sugars over time or maybe you know someone close to you who lives with diabetes or prediabetes - so you’ve seen it firsthand. But now it’s your health on the line.   The silver lining here is that you can avoid problems and be healthy in spite of getting the diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes. Education is the key to learning how, what steps you need to take.   At My Diabetes Tutor, we bring quality diabetes education to you. This makes it easier to get the information you need to be safe and prevent possible complications.   Our quality online program makes it convenient for you to access the course taught by certified diabetes educators. We work with you to find out which areas are most important for you to concentrate on given your situation. And of course, we support you along the way and provide resources beyond our program.    


No longer do you have to drive way across town (and in some cases, across entire counties) just to receive diabetes education. You can make it happen from your location, as long as you have internet access via your phone or a computer.   You can expect to learn all the latest given your area of need. This may include what to eat, what the numbers mean and how to improve them (like with blood sugar, A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight), the best exercise, how to take prescribed medications safely (including pills and injectables, including insulin and the use of an insulin pump as needed), devices to help with measuring glucose (like blood sugar meter or continuous glucose monitors), how to problem solve situations, how to prevent complications, and as importantly, how to cope with the emotional aspects of living with high blood sugar.   Please reach out to us to discuss any questions you have so we can discuss further how we can help, and review next steps to getting you an individualized plan to optimize your health.   

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