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My Diabetes Tutor was founded in 2019 to enhance your quality of life and equip you to live independently at home while maintaining control over your own health.  We provide Diabetes education to clients with Type 1, Type 2, and Diabetes in Pregnancy and Pre-Diabetes. We focus on preventative medicine and health promotion, aiming to minimize the strain of diabetes and its comorbidities.   

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We understand that many people lead busy lives or live too far away to get into classes or clinics for diabetes education. Additionally, most primary care providers have limited time and resources to educate their patients on diabetes self-care.

Key information

Successfully managing life with diabetes depends heavily on your ability to provide consistent and informed self-care. Why risk being unaware of key information?

Get Inspired

Knowledge is power, but applying knowledge is more powerful! Sign up for a meeting with one of our experienced Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists. You'll be able to ask personalized questions, learn more, develop goals and receive customized plans towards a more empowered life. Are you ready to learn how to live life according to an 'action-plan' rather than a 'reaction-plan'! 

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Course Overview 
General Diabetes - 5 sessions
Gestational Diabetes - 2 sessions
Pre-Diabetes - 1 session

Cost is $120 per one hour session. Personal sessions might be completely or partially reimbursable to you if you have a PPO Plan. Referring physicians, please fax 844-306-5999.

Quality of Life

Struggling to come to grips with the reality of living with diabetes? This is just one reason why many avoid diabetes education. For others, it's the pain of being away from home again, or perhaps, there is no local access to a diabetes educator. We will help to bring you!

personal Support

Through the use of digital media, we are excited to provide you with many free educational videos and connect you with a personal Care and Diabetes Education Specialist!

Easy Access

The road to healthy self-care is not without it's challenges and obstacles. However, there are countless reasons why you can succeed, we'll be cheering you on all the way! We'd love to help by providing ease of access. My Diabetes Tutor, Inc. exists to make these life-giving resources readily accessible to you. We do this through our website and patient portal. If you're on a digital device right now, then you're so close! All you need to do is register and join us!